• February 06,2021
  • by Hoang Anh | Lead Dev

DotOracle's vision

DotOracle's vision is to create a liquidity middleware layer, bridging digital assets on different blockchains to the Polkadot ecosystem.

We envision a future where all DeFi applications will be blockchain-agnostic from a user perspective. In this future, user will be able to interact with any DeFi application regardless of with blockchain the application is running on.

DotOracle is born to realize this vision by making all digital assets platform and DeFi applications connected together.
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    Hoang Anh | Lead Dev

    Full Stack and Lead Dev. Former Full Stack Developer at TomoChain & Insight Studio. Specialized in Web application and Web3 integration for decentralized applications. Experience in UI & UX Design, and building blockchain applications for decentralized finance.

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